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Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Energy Efficient Doggie Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Treasure Valley Pet Doors offers the world’s most innovative new pet door design for glass — made to install directly into your sliding glass patio door! This unparalleled design concept would have been considered impossible just a few years ago. But today, you can have a sleek, ultra-modern, highly energy-efficient pet door as part of your existing sliding glass door with aluminum framing!
Your dog can come in and go out with no assistance from you or anyone else with a Treasure Valley Pet Doors doggie doors for sliding glass doors. Our high-tech, custom built pet door solutions means your dog can have the independence, exercise, mental stimulation, and activity enrichment that helps dogs thrive in their environments.


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Benefits of Sliding Glass Dog Door from Treasure Valley Pet Doors

There are many benefits of installing a Sliding Glass Dog Door. Every day, you’ll appreciate the change in your lifestyle and will sense the gratification of seeing your pet living a life of freedom to come and go.
Some of the significant benefits of purchasing the best dog door for sliding doors include:
  • Easy Installation: In less than an hour, a professional glass pet door installer will replace the existing glass panel with a sliding glass that features your new sleek pet door.
  • Smooth Operation: This is the best sliding glass dog door on the market. You can operate your sliding glass door normally, without any unexpected effects.
  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency: The famous Endura Flap™ features energy-efficient structural and sealing properties. It’s simply the best pet door cover on the market today.
  • No More Inconvenience: Outdoors is where the action is for dogs. Now your dog can come in or go out at will. That improves your dog’s quality of life and yours!
  • It’s Weather Resistant: The pet door features magnetic seals and a locking panel.
  • No Glass Cutting or Replacing the Frame: No modifications are made to your original sliding door. The customized conversion panel fits into your existing frame.
  • Peace of Mind: Your doggie door for sliding doors is made in the USA and backed by a 15-Year warranty.


Available Colors

Door Operation

Flap Sizes

Flap Size Flap Dimension Height To Raise Window
Small 6" w x 11" h 18 1/2"
Medium 8" w x 15" h 22 1/2"
Large 10" w x 19" h 26 1/2"
Extra Large 12" w x 23" h 30 1/2"


Window Pet Door Adjustment Ranges Include

22" - 25"
25" - 28"
28" - 31"
31" - 34"
34" - 37"
37" - 40"
40" - 43"

Other Features

Treasure Valley Pet Doors doggie doors for sliding glass doors feature all the unique components of the best dog doors currently on the market. The exceptional construction quality and energy efficiency elements make this industry-leading pet access door today’s best sliding glass dog door.
  • High-Durability Framing: The subtle aesthetic design of the dog door frame insert consists of a rigid high-grade frame built for weather resistance and long-term durability.
  • Thermal Glass Sliding Door: The sliding glass panel in which the dog door is installed is manufactured from Low-E glass to deliver maximum energy efficiency.
  • Endura Flap: The standard-bearer for the pet door manufacturing industry is the Endura Flap pet door cover, produced from polyolefin polymer. This rugged and attractive translucent dog door flap withstands extreme temperatures under –40°F.
  • Magnetic Seal: The strong, flexible Endura Flap pet door cover is lined with magnetic strips that seal the dog door flap as your pet exits the door opening. The number and strength of the magnetic seals are ideally balanced to close the door flap instantly and firmly, yet maintain an easy-to-push opening even for small pets.
  • Locking Slide Option: An optional handy slide insert effectively locks the sliding glass dog door when you want to keep your pet inside.

The energy-efficient design of the replacement sliding glass pet door conversion system allows you to leave the pet door open. If you need to keep pets inside, a simple door insert helps “lock” the door. If you are interested in replacing your existing patio door glass with new sliding glass with a built-in pet door, contact Treasure Valley Pet Doors today!

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